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Perfect Rice

OK, so every now again I’m going to throw in a tried and tested method of cooking something, I did it with the Chilli Ramen Sauce you might remember?

This time it’s rice. For some reason there seems to be a great deal of panic when it comes to cooking rice, I have no idea why as it’s so easy.

I take 1/2 a cup of rice per person, put it in a sieve and wash it thoroughly. Don’t be really rough with it, just let the water run through, you don’t want to break the husks. The reason for this is that it’s the inside of each grain which will make it all sticky so you want to keep the insides on the inside and outsides on the outside.

Perfect Rice

Once the water coming out the bottom of the sieve is colourless you should transfer it to a pan that you can cover. Now, boil the kettle and when it’s ready pour out enough to cover the rice so that have about 1/2cm of water left above the level of the rice. Turn on the smallest ring (gas or electric) and put it to its lowest setting, pop the covered pan on top, set a timer for 20 minutes and LEAVE IT ALONE. I promise you that when the buzzer goes off you will have perfect rice.

So, step by step:

  1. 1/2 cup rice per person
  2. Clean rice in cold water, gently
  3. Transfer to a coverable pan
  4. Boil kettle
  5. Put in enough water to cover rice and have have another 1/2cm of water above the line of the rice
  6. Cover the pan
  7. Put the covered pan on the lowest setting you can on top of your cooker (gas or electric)
  8. Set a timer for 20 minutes
  10. After 20 mins serve immediately

I know there are a million methods of cooking rice in the world, for me this is the simplest in the shortest time. I am of course interested to see if anyone can do it quicker / easier, let me know.


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