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Shallot & Red Wine Sauce

Sticking with the low carb theme for this week I’ve decided steak is the way forward. All I needed was a decent sauce to go with it (and some vegetables of course) and when I happened across a Ramsay recipe on BBC Good Food I figured it as good a place to start as any. … Continue reading

Tequila & Lime Chicken

There was some chicken in the fridge and I really didn’t know what to do with it. Wife has said she’d prefer a few dishes with less carbohydrates this week so I started thinking about sauces, back to the fridge. I found some lime, chilli and onion and I knew I had some garlic so … Continue reading

Baked Beans

What does the term “Baked Beans” conjure up in your mind? Is it quick snacks with a slice of toast, the full English breakfast, diving in straight from the tin, cowboys ‘singing’ around a camp fire or that favourite childhood dinner with fish fingers or burgers or something completely different? Well, whilst you’re musing over … Continue reading

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