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Charred Corn with Cayenne Butter & Herb Salad

I’m always looking for easy accompaniments to the proteins I cook. This one was born out of a desire to eat more cayenne pepper, it has so many good properties, take a look at this website for example. I also love corn and as I was doing some barbecue chicken I thought it would work … Continue reading

Sticky Barbecue Chicken Wings & Drumsticks

Well the BBQ is nearly upon us – we hope! Chicken is such an easy option to marinade and barbecue that I thought I’d look at a recipe that is easy too. I got this one from the BBC Food website and you can find the original here. Ingredients: 6 chicken drumsticks 6 chicken wings 2 tbsp clear honey … Continue reading

Frozen Yoghurt Blueberries

We all love snacks, they’re just so unhealthy – in the main. As I was trawling the internet for a bit of inspiration I came across this post from Sara on the fluffimama blog, you can see the original for yourselves here, and within minutes I was on my way to the shop to collect … Continue reading

Simple Ginger Cookies

I wanted a biscuit, so I made some and it was just over half an hour from start to finish (plus cooling time). I took the simplest recipe I could find from the BBC Good Food website and off I went. You can find the original here. Ingredients: 225g butter, softened 110g caster sugar 275g … Continue reading

Chicken in a Creamy White Wine Sauce

If you saw the last post you’ll know that I’ve been thinking about simple, tasty food recently that can be cooked without a lot of bother. Last time I went for a South East Asian inspired sauce, this time I’m going much more Mediterranean. Inspiration was born out of the ingredients in the fridge, I just … Continue reading

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