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Summer Tomato & Horseradish Salad

Wife and I have not long been back from a quick holiday in Spain and one of the things that we enjoy while we’re out there is the quality of the tomatoes. Often we’ll be found with a plate of sliced tomato and onion with a bit of olive oil in hand. One of the … Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Skewers

Summer’s here with a vengeance in the UK, I love it. The heat, the bright days, the summer food… I was looking for an easy chicken kebab recipe and this is the one I settled on this one from the BBC Good Food website. This appealed as it states that it’s only 40 minutes to … Continue reading

Buffalo Wings

Barbecue season (all 2 weeks of it) is back in the UK again so it’s time to brush off the cobwebs, pile up the coals and crack out the cold lager. A friend and I knew we were going to be in on Saturday evening and so we thought we’d have our own mini barbecue. … Continue reading

Charred Corn with Cayenne Butter & Herb Salad

I’m always looking for easy accompaniments to the proteins I cook. This one was born out of a desire to eat more cayenne pepper, it has so many good properties, take a look at this website for example. I also love corn and as I was doing some barbecue chicken I thought it would work … Continue reading

Sticky Barbecue Chicken Wings & Drumsticks

Well the BBQ is nearly upon us – we hope! Chicken is such an easy option to marinade and barbecue that I thought I’d look at a recipe that is easy too. I got this one from the BBC Food website and you can find the original here. Ingredients: 6 chicken drumsticks 6 chicken wings 2 tbsp clear honey … Continue reading

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