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Broccoli Soup

Sometimes you just want something very quick, simple and healthy – look no further. This dish was seen on tele due to one of Nick Nairn’s outings on Ready, Steady, Cook. The recipe is on the BBC Food website and you can find it here. Before we go on, a little word about broccoli. This … Continue reading

Lomo Adobado (Pork Loin in Adobo)

Continuing my little experiment with traditional Spanish foods I came across this pork recipe which, by all accounts, is an absolute staple in Spanish households. I’ve seen a number of recipes for this dish but I thought I’d go for the simplest I could find and I found it in the Spanish food section of … Continue reading

Spiced Spanish Tortilla

This week we booked a holiday and we’re doing a bit of travelling around Andalusia in Southern Spain. We’re going all around the place and I can’t wait to sample the food, so much so that I’ve decided to try a few dishes inspired by Spain. First up is a twist on the traditional tortilla (or Spanish … Continue reading

Jim’s Chicken with Pak Choi

I have been so busy lately with other things that I haven’t been doing much ‘new’ cooking. Last night was another one of those situations where most of the things I’d bought earlier in the week had been whittled down and I was left with a pack of chicken thighs and some pak choi. It’s … Continue reading

Jim’s Honey, Mustard & Thyme Chicken

This all began with a rather poor shopping trip earlier in the week, didn’t pick up half the things I was going to need so I either had to go back to the shops or be a bit creative. I went for the latter. Ingredients: 400g boneless chicken thigh 3 tbsp wholegrain mustard 2 tbsp … Continue reading

Italian Rice with Chicken

This week I’m looking at some hearty and inexpensive meals. Funnily enough I’ve taken all of them from the BBC GoodFood website. It’s a wonderful resource for the home cook and there’s so much on there that I reckon you could use it every day and it would keep you cooking until the end of … Continue reading

Jim’s Sweet Potato with Tuna & Salad

Sometimes I see a recipe and think “Yeah, but what to put with it?” and then I see a suggested accompaniment and all of a sudden I’m thinking “Why haven’t these been combined into one?” The two recipes in question today are for Tuna Sweet Potato Jackets and a Tomato, Cucumber & Coriander salad. They’re … Continue reading

Jim’s Braised Half Shoulder of Lamb

When it comes to cooking up cheap cuts of meat I think I’ve got a bit of a flair for it so this week I thought I’d go for half a lamb shoulder and give it a good braise. I was aiming for something with a strong rosemary flavour and a bit of depth behind … Continue reading

Spanish Omelette

This is one of Wife’s favourite dishes. Put simply, it’s peasant food with simple flavours in a classic combination, it’s not hard to understand why. We had a lot of eggs in the house for some reason which is why I decided to grab a bag of new potatoes and try this particular Spanish omelette … Continue reading

Cheese & Onion Omelette

I was talking to someone the other day who told me that their 21 year old brother wouldn’t know how to make an omelette. I was shocked but it got me thinking that he’s probably not alone so while I was making myself a little snack today I thought I’d get it on here. You … Continue reading

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