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Sweet & Sour Swordfish

I was going through some other ‘foodie’ blogs the other day and I happened across one called Recipes By Pic where there was a simple recipe for this swordfish dish. I thought it looked great so I gave it a go, you can find the original recipe here. The recipe on the site is for … Continue reading

Jim’s Baked Trout Fillet (en Papillote)

A couple of weeks ago I did a quick experiment. I had managed to get hold of 6 small trout fillets and I wanted to check out the ‘en papillote’ style of cooking which basically means to oven bake wrapped up in a paper parcel. I tried a number of different ingredients and this was … Continue reading

Black Pepper Crusted Tuna Steaks

I was again looking for simple ‘crust’ recipes and Wife mentioned she’d like some tuna this week so this recipe for black pepper crusted tuna steaks just seemed perfect. The recipe is from About.com and is under the section ‘American Food’, you can find the original here. The writer refers to the tuna as Ahi … Continue reading

Moules Provençale – Mussels with Tomatoes, Herbs & Garlic

I’m still thinking a lot about simple protein plus sauce dishes and a flick through the Epicurious website led me to a few dishes that I fancied trying out. I made my order for delivery at Tesco.com and I thought the first thing I’d cook would be the mussels so they were as fresh as … Continue reading

Chorizo, New Potato & Haddock One-Pot

The penultimate dish in this week’s run of budget meals once again comes from the BBC GoodFood website. It’s a simple one pot that takes less than 15 minutes to prep and less than 25 minutes to cook – result! The original recipe can be found here. What appealed to me was, as well as … Continue reading

Jim’s Sweet Potato with Tuna & Salad

Sometimes I see a recipe and think “Yeah, but what to put with it?” and then I see a suggested accompaniment and all of a sudden I’m thinking “Why haven’t these been combined into one?” The two recipes in question today are for Tuna Sweet Potato Jackets and a Tomato, Cucumber & Coriander salad. They’re … Continue reading

Beer Battered Fish

Have you heard of a young Irish chef by the name of Donal Skehan? If not, follow that link before you go any further, he’s brilliant at lifting simple home cooking into something special. We try to have fish at least once per week and this is a recipe I’ve done before, I know it’s … Continue reading

Prawn Curry Laksa

Laksa comes in 2 main varieties; curry laksa which is a coconut based curry soup and is commonly referred to as laksa (such as in this recipe) and Asam laksa which is a sour, fish based soup where Asam is the Malay word for tamarind. Personally I prefer a curry laksa although I think I’m … Continue reading

Salmon Teriyaki

As I mentioned yesterday I’m just pulling meat out of the freezer for this week’s evening meals and yesterday I had some cheap salmon fillets to work with. There really isn’t that much in the house as we’re trying to run down stocks before we build them back up again so I thought I’d go … Continue reading

Cod & Lentils

I was looking on the LoveFood website for an easy fish dish to prepare as I had some cod fillets in the freezer when I came across this recipe for cod and lentils from Omar Allibhoy. Omar trained under both Ferran Adria (El Bulli) and Jason Atherton (Maze) before becoming head chef at El Pirata … Continue reading

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