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Beet, Apple & Mint Juice

Sometime you’re looking through the various juice recipes on line and nothing grabs your attention, then there’s this one. First of all it’s bright purple and second, it’s got mint in it! Feel free to be less excited than I was when I saw it. One of my favourite healthy recipe websites is the Whole … Continue reading

Balanced Green Juice

Here’s another healthy juice for you to try. I found it on the Serious Eats website and it comes with the promise that it will taste as good as it makes you feel – sounds good to me. You can find the original recipe (for 2) on the Serious Eats site here. Ingredients: 1 medium cucumber … Continue reading

Red Hot Juice

One of the people who inspired me to start trying a lot of juices is a chap called Joe Cross, who does a programme called Reboot with Joe. He’s been on television showing what his programme is capable of and it’s quite amazing really, I recommend taking a look. One of the juices he gives … Continue reading

Pear & Ginger Cleanser

This was taken directly from a book called Crussh: Juices, Smoothies and Boosters where it says of the juice, “Cleanse your body of harmful free radicals and sooth your system with this crisp and clean mix. Ingredients: 3 pears, quartered and stems removed 2 thin slices root ginger 1/4 cucumber All you have to do … Continue reading

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