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Process: Jim’s 1-2-3 Stir Fry

The simple stir fry is something that anybody can cook as long as they’ve got a large pan or wok. The idea behind the stir fry is to very quickly cook fresh ingredients so that you not only retain all their flavour but also their ‘goodness’. I’ve called this the 1-2-3 Stir Fry as using … Continue reading

Chimichurri Sauce

Continuing with my week of sauces I finished off on Friday last week with a great sauce from Argentina which apparently goes really well with both chicken and steak – we went for steak. It’s not known where the names comes from, although there are many ideas, but it’s very popular in South America and … Continue reading

Japanese Rice

If there’s one thing that a lot of East Asian cultures take very seriously it’s their rice. When I prepare a Japanese dish I like to have it with sushi rice. It’s a short grain rice that gets nice and sticky but holds it’s individual form. I love it with a heavy helping of shoyu … Continue reading

Coriander Humous

I found this recipe attached to a lamb kofta recipe which I was quite interested in so I thought I’d do this on the side and post it as a separate recipe as it’s great to be able to knock up so quickly. You can find the whole lamb kofta, coriander humous, chilli sauce and … Continue reading

Baked Potato

Hello again. Wife and I have both been feeling a little bit under the weather so no big culinary efforts have been made for a few days. Last night we just decided on baked potatoes, easy right? As I seem to do with everything I cook these days I just had a quick look on … Continue reading

Easy Mango Chutney Naan Bread

As I was making a curry for Wife and some friends on Saturday night I saw this recipe on the BBC Good Food website which I thought would make a great accompaniment to the chicken jalfrezi that I’d chosen along with some of my perfect rice. Ingredients: 450g strong bread flour (plus extra to roll … Continue reading

Almond Nut Butter

While I was making Girl on Raw’s Jaffa Pudding recently I was required to make some almond nut butter and I didn’t have a clue but it’s so easy. I just followed this recipe from the All Recipes website Ingredients: 1 cup toasted almonds 2 tsp olive oil Method of Preparation: Place the almonds in … Continue reading

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