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Grapefruit, Carrot & Ginger Juice

This is another juice recipe that I think works great as a breakfast juice, it’s a very simple one to prepare and it  has a lovely zing of freshness about it. There’s a million different recipes for it on the net and I suppose it just depends on what flavour you’re looking for. For me … Continue reading

Red Hot Juice

One of the people who inspired me to start trying a lot of juices is a chap called Joe Cross, who does a programme called Reboot with Joe. He’s been on television showing what his programme is capable of and it’s quite amazing really, I recommend taking a look. One of the juices he gives … Continue reading

Jenny Eatwell’s Slow Cooker Dhal

If you’re a regular reader to this blog you’ll know that I take my recipes from all over. This particular one is by a friend of mine who runs her own blog called Jenny Eatwell’s Rhubarb & Ginger, it’s a fantastic blog with some great recipes, brilliant meal plans and links to some of her … Continue reading

Roast Beef (Topside)

I think everybody loves leftovers and here at RecipeTests Towers we’re no different. The only thing you need to get right to make sure you have leftovers is the original cooking part. This week we thought we’d get a big lump of beef, cook it up and then use it over the next few days. … Continue reading

Thai Style Warm Chicken Salad with Chilli, Mint & Lime

Things have been a bit hectic over here at Recipe Towers recently so there’s not been a lot of new cooking going on. Last night was no exception but this favourite recipe of ours has never featured on the blog. It’s a recipe that Wife picked up a while ago from the web somewhere and … Continue reading

Shallot & Red Wine Sauce

Sticking with the low carb theme for this week I’ve decided steak is the way forward. All I needed was a decent sauce to go with it (and some vegetables of course) and when I happened across a Ramsay recipe on BBC Good Food I figured it as good a place to start as any. … Continue reading

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