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Jim’s Easy Minced Beef Curry

I’ve been buying minced beef each week recently and refusing to make a bolognese or meatballs, chilli, etc… I  had never done a lot of cooking with mince so I had no idea how versatile it is. I had a look around at a few curry recipes but none of them matched the contents of … Continue reading

Chicken Pathia

As I’ve said elsewhere on this blog I get my recipes from everywhere and this is no exception. All I can credit it to is a chap / chappess called Little Web Wizard who simply posted this recipe on The Motley Fool website which you can find here. I just wanted to cook a pathia … Continue reading

Chicken Jalfrezi

We had a small, impromptu, gathering on Saturday evening when a couple of friends came round for dinner. It wasn’t planned so first we had to decide what to cook and we decided on a curry. Upon entering “curry recipes” into Google I found my top result to be the BBC Good Food website and … Continue reading

Ali’s Amazing Curried Goat

OK, there’s 2 things you should know about this post about last night’s meal: It isn’t a recipe test Yesterday was National Lager Day I just have to tell people about this absolute culinary delight. A good friend of mine, Ali, was in his local Tesco recently when he saw the deli counter was selling … Continue reading

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