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Shepherd’s Pie

It’s a classic of British cooking isn’t it, the superb Shepherd’s Pie. I’m thinking if I should just call this blog – “Cooking with Jamie and Delia” as it feels like all of my recent recipes have been from one of these two giants of English home cooking. It’s probably not the case, so I’ll … Continue reading

Lamb Steaks with Shallot and Sticky Red Wine Sauce

Tesco had a half price deal on lamb steaks this week so a pack ended up in the fridge and I thought I’d go for a kind of ‘summer roast dinner’ so I went for this recipe alongside a really simple recipe for roast summer vegetables. You can find the original recipe for this dish … Continue reading

Jim’s Braised Half Shoulder of Lamb

When it comes to cooking up cheap cuts of meat I think I’ve got a bit of a flair for it so this week I thought I’d go for half a lamb shoulder and give it a good braise. I was aiming for something with a strong rosemary flavour and a bit of depth behind … Continue reading

Lamb Kofta

This was all I wanted to cook, some koftas with a bit of Blue Dragon sweet chilli dipping sauce and maybe a bit of that coriander humousĀ I did yesterday. As I mentioned on the humous recipe I came across a recipe for a full meal of lamb koftas, pitta bread, coriander humous and some chilli … Continue reading

Diced Lamb & Dried Fig Pie

While I was doing my shopping last week, I do it on-line for various reasons, I noticed that Tesco actually have their own recipes on their website so I thought ‘why not?’. One that caught my eye was the diced lamb and dried fig pie, Wife loves figs and lamb is my favourite meat. I’ve … Continue reading


There are as many variations of this dish around as you can imagine but they’re all relatively similar and reflect people’s tastes rather than a diversification of the recipe. You see Lobscouse, originally Labskause, goes back to a time when the high seas were the major trade routes and sailors spent months away from home … Continue reading

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