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Imperial Veggie Ramen

I’d been planning this all week, you may already be aware of my feelings towards ramen – I love it! This was promising to be really simple (another reason to love ramen) as well as really tasty. The recipe I had chosen was from the excellently named www.ramenlicious.com website and can be found in full here Difficulty: Easy Ready … Continue reading

Chilli Chicken Ramen

If you don’t like ramen there’s a very good chance you and I won’t get on, it’s that simple. I love a good noodle broth but it’s only recently I thought I’d give one a go. I love the Wagamama version of this dish so when I came across a website run by a lady … Continue reading

Chilli Ramen Sauce

I’m putting this up because I’m about to put up the Chill Chicken Ramen recipe that I tried last week and it is an integral part. I’ve currently got a jar of this sat in the fridge, I reckon it will outlast a nuclear winter – this is potent stuff!!! In fact, I’ll put a … Continue reading

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