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Process: Jim’s 1-2-3 Stir Fry

The simple stir fry is something that anybody can cook as long as they’ve got a large pan or wok. The idea behind the stir fry is to very quickly cook fresh ingredients so that you not only retain all their flavour but also their ‘goodness’. I’ve called this the 1-2-3 Stir Fry as using … Continue reading

Easy Mango Chutney Naan Bread

As I was making a curry for Wife and some friends on Saturday night I saw this recipe on the BBC Good Food website which I thought would make a great accompaniment to the chicken jalfrezi that I’d chosen along with some of my perfect rice. Ingredients: 450g strong bread flour (plus extra to roll … Continue reading

Almond Nut Butter

While I was making Girl on Raw’s Jaffa Pudding recently I was required to make some almond nut butter and I didn’t have a clue but it’s so easy. I just followed this recipe from the All Recipes website Ingredients: 1 cup toasted almonds 2 tsp olive oil Method of Preparation: Place the almonds in … Continue reading

Egg Fried Rice

So earlier I put up my recipe for perfect rice and I have to be honest, it wasn’t just out of the goodness of my heart. I was expecting to be eating alone tonight but Wife’s plans got rearranged and now my M&S ready meal for one wasn’t going to suffice – unless we ‘bulked it up’ … Continue reading

Perfect Rice

OK, so every now again I’m going to throw in a tried and tested method of cooking something, I did it with the Chilli Ramen Sauce you might remember? This time it’s rice. For some reason there seems to be a great deal of panic when it comes to cooking rice, I have no idea … Continue reading

Chilli Ramen Sauce

I’m putting this up because I’m about to put up the Chill Chicken Ramen recipe that I tried last week and it is an integral part. I’ve currently got a jar of this sat in the fridge, I reckon it will outlast a nuclear winter – this is potent stuff!!! In fact, I’ll put a … Continue reading

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